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txt-prsnlstylist1Dressing is an art. Do you feel challenged in the area of color coordinating, changing your style, selecting an outfit for a job interview or event such as a television appearance or church anniversary? Or, maybe it’s time for a new wardrobe? Arlisia Staley personal styling services can get you out the door looking fabulous—effortlessly—every day!

As a Personal Fashion Stylist and Christian Women’s Speaker, I am passionate about helping women to enjoy the greatness of God by embracing their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty to emanate the self-confidence that is within them. I believe we are all carefully created and uniquely designed.

How you feel about yourself on the inside is the image you portray on the outside. I encourage women to dress with love for the one above.

Hiring a Personal Fashion Stylist is not just for the rich and famous. Everyone is entitled to look your best and feel good about the person you were created to be.

Whether you are in the public eye, clueless or simply too busy, I would love to help you create a wardrobe that enhances your body type, fits your personal style, and works with your lifestyle.

You may choose as few or as many services as you like from a one-time shopping excursion to a complete style makeover. Before she begins services with a client, a consultation is scheduled to discuss the look you want. Arlisia’s personal styling services below will help you finesse the look that’s perfect for you:

purpledressArlisia finds the key articles of clothing that your wardrobe is missing in order to create the image you want. You can shop together or she can shop without you and then bring the purchases to your home or office. When she shops with you, she pulls the clothing you will be trying on before your session starts so you arrive to a full dressing room.
purplegownArlisia will put together your attire for any special event. This includes, but is not limited to: a special occasion party, church anniversary, imperative business meeting, public appearance, work event, a speech engagement, television appearance, job interview, the perfect wedding dress, accessories, groom attire and bridesmaid dresses for that very special day—and more!
jadesuitThis is a great way to update your favorites by mixing in some fresh, new, or trendier pieces. Or maybe you’re not 100% sure how to pull an outfit together once you get it home from the store. Arlisia is happy to help you fine-tune your look. We can take pictures of the outfits we create and you will always have them as reference too!

Submit the Personal Fashion Stylist inquiry and Arlisia will contact you soon after to answer any questions and coordinate our calendars.

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