God’s Planted Purposes and Godly Passions


Do you ever feel that, as a Christian, you’ve lost that desire to pursue your purpose? You see your friends living out their dreams and seeming to know their purpose in life, but you can’t quite get there yourself. In the story of David and Goliath, David was going about his daily chore, being obedient to his father and went out to his brothers were fighting in battle. He was completely unaware that his destiny was about to unfold all around him. Before it’s over, he had slain Goliath, restored integrity to his people, and moved closer to the destiny of king that God had planned for him (1 Samuel 17:1-50). Whether it be president of your company, principal of school, head of your household, or a leader of your high school band or chess club, be assured that God has continually growing purposes for you in your life. Pay attention along the journey. Pursue your purpose and your passion in the same way David did. Always look for opportunities to prepare yourself and to plan for the future. And remember, when you have done all that you can do, proclaim God’s power – for the battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s.

Purpose and Passion

In each of us God has planted some purposes and some Godly passions to direct us to those purposes. God had purpose for David that he would be king, even though David did not know it at the time. But, particularly in this text, as David pursued his Godly passions with integrity his purposes and his destiny began to unfold. It is the same for us.

When you pursue your purpose, an inward change will take place and your life will become 3 things:

  1. An Attractive Life to Others. When people see your uncompromising commitment to keep God’s Word in your heart and to live a lifelong devotion to His service, it will definitely attract their attention because they’ll see a difference in you. They will see you changing into the character of Christ before their eyes. It is the change within you that will make them want to be around you.
  2. An Interactive Experience with God. When God’s character is displayed through your life, you become a reflection of praise to Him. By allowing the Holy Spirit to communicate God through you to those whose lives you touch, the Word of God in you becomes the revelation of God in Christ revealed to them. As a result, your life becomes a confession of Christ to the world. In this way, when they interact with you, they experience God through your life.
  3. An Empowerment of Blessings. When you give to others who God is within you, God, in His providence will repay it back to you. Give God the glory in your gifts and talents as you pursue your purpose, vision and dreams for He is not unrighteous to forget it, but will pay it again. God often makes use of men and women as instruments of His rewarding justice. If you, in a right manner, give to others when they are in need, God will incline the hearts of others to help pursue your purpose, dreams and vision when you need them.
Planning and Preparation

God plants inside of these purposes and passions, but that does not mean that we are without responsibility. In order for us to be all that God has created us to be, we must plan and prepare appropriately. Remember above how David was both prepared and planned for what he wanted to accomplish? We need to do the same.

To effectively pursue your purpose, you must have a total commitment to God and His Word. When you allow God to reign, rule and live in your life through Jesus Christ, allowing the Holy Spirit mold you into the character of Christ, you are then empowered to live the life He predestined for you to live.

How are you pursing your passions and purposes? Leave us a comment below.

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