The Journey To Awakening



Spiritual Growth Is A Must For Everyone

Spiritual growth is a journey of inner awakening, and being conscious of our inner being. It is the path taken that helps us to rise above the consciousness of ordinary existence, and seek Universal truth. It means transcending the mind and ego and realizing our true Self.

Spiritual growth is a divine method of ‘letting go’ of our wrong thoughts, ideas and beliefs, shedding our unreal conceptions, and developing super consciousness and becoming aware of our true Self. This journey of ultimate Self-improvement unveils our inner being that hidden behind the ego-personality.

Spiritual growth is a must for everyone. It is indeed important for the seekers of spiritual enlightenment who live reclusive lives in secluded places, but also for people who live with their families and work to sustain them. For them spiritual growth is of great importance for self-improvement. It gives them the foundation for a better life, a life that is in harmony with Nature and which is free of fear, tension, and anxiety. The spirit is the same in all of us regardless of our material or spiritual bent of mind. Only the level of it’s manifestation differs. The veil of ignorance it gets hidden behind takes us away from our inner spirit. The veils of ignorance could be our past conditionings, our way of thinking, our fixed beliefs and our negative habits.

Spiritual growth is our birthright. It is an opener to a happy, prosperous and peaceful life. It helps us manifest our inner spirit and enjoy it’s immense power. By Self-discovery, by understanding who we are in real sense, our perspective towards life changes. We are not easily influenced by outer circumstances and let it affect our inner state of mind. We become much more peaceful and self-composed. We develop great inner strength. These help us to face the world more efficiently.

By following the Spiritual path we are not escaping from our day-to-day responsibilities. By growing spiritually we are not being impractical or behaving in any strange manner. Spiritual growth is a process of self-improvement. It is a divine way of becoming more responsible.

We can walk on the spiritual path while living our normal everyday lives. We can live, work and enjoy life the same way as we have been doing throughout. We do not have to leave our family or friends for being spiritual. We do not have to leave our homes and live in recluse. On the contrary, being spiritual improves us as human beings. It helps us to cope with better with the everyday challenges that life keeps throwing at us. It makes us much more balanced.

To live a balanced life we need to take care of our spirit, the same way we take care of our bodily needs, our feelings and emotions. We need to let our spirit grow, or in other words, we need to go beyond our ignorance of darkness and let the ever-glowing spirit shine itself.

We do this by being positive, by regularly reading spiritual books, by being in spiritual company as and when we get the opportunity to do so, and by practicing meditation.

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